Team for Life is all about helping cancer patients live. Today. Pick your race, train & fundraise. It's that simple. Every dollar you raise goes directly to our patients, in the form of a monthly check, to help them receive medical treatment. Yes, you've got it, direct financial support.

How are the Donations Helping?

All funds raised are helping patients access treatments that could potentially extend their lives and lead to cures for many others. Pursuing clinical trial treatment is often not an option for advanced stage cancer patients because of the financial costs to get to and from the research site (often out of state) and the strain of being away from their family's support.

How It Works

Lazarex Cancer Foundation helps advanced stage cancer patients find the right medical studies for them anywhere in the United States. Your donations are also paying for the flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, tolls, taxi rides, etc. (costs that insurance does not cover) for these patients to access treatment that they otherwise could not afford to travel to. No other foundation helps cancer patients and families in such a direct way. Learn more about Lazarex at www.lazarex.org

Our Impact So Far

To date, Lazarex patients have cumulatively lived an additional 1,133 years through their participation in clinical trials AFTER they were told that there were no other options.

Join us in your next endurance challenge and help cancer patients live!

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Lazarex Cancer Foundation
PO Box 741
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Toll Free: 877. 866. 9523
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LCF web address: lazarex.org

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